I’ve done it time and time again.  I’m in the grocery store and I’m in a rush, with kids in tow.  I need snacks for the week ahead, or maybe I just need to make it through the next couple of days.

Too often our lives never really offer us time to take a breath, or use our faculties for something besides survival mode.  Our children have the snack that they want in mind while we have the snack we think are best on the brain.  So who wins the battle? It’s likely both parties lose out to some abrupt compromise that leaves us feeling just as bad or worse; Like tripping and catching yourself just in time for your phone to pop out of your pocket and crack…the screen.  Then when you look up your child has made it to the sliding doors as you watch it close behind them. RUN!

For the reasons mentioned above, I’d like to help if possible.  It’s not an easy task trying to find healthy snacks that also taste good.  So often we overlook the details in order to satisfy and please the ones we love. We have this life to do the best that we can.  Furthermore to give our families the best of ourselves whether its love and affection or just day to day decisions.  Here is a list of my favorite companies, snacks included.  By no means do I have a sponsorship or any profit to gain from sharing this with you.

BEAR: Non GMO, only natural sugars from the fruit itself.  No added dies or preservatives.  They also have a “Best Before” date.  Also, every individual pack comes with an educational animal card with a QR code.     

PURE ORGANIC: Layered Fruit Bars- Non GMO, Gluten Free, Organic and Vegan with a “Best Before” date.  These are also a great option comparatively to the majority of children snacks.  They do contain natural flavors and citric acid, but still an amazing option compared to most snacks.  

THE FROOT THIEF: Vegan, Non GMO with only 4 added sugars all a “Best Before” date.  Not only are these fun for children they are really good.  Shaped like shoe strings so there are many fun ways to eat them.

SIETE:  This company has a wide variety of snacks not only for children but for us adults as well.  Siete offers everything from cookies to chips, potato and grain free. All of which are utterly delicious!!

Don’t just trust me.  Look into all of these brands for yourself.  They are affordable and well worth adding to your pantries and snack cabinets.  You don’t need a Whole Foods in your area in order to enjoy these amazing foods.  Shop around, check the whole foods and organic sections of your grocer.  Remember that good doesn’t always mean gross.  Till next time!