Eudaimonia Ethos

In the Pursuit of Happiness and Well-Being Through Conscious Living

Eudaimonia Ethos

The Greek term eudaimonia has no one-word translation in English.  It is described as a combination of well-being, happiness and flourishing.  It is the ultimate goal of a human being, a part of their function. The virtues are therefore human needs that benefit their possessor.

Laugh More, Give More, Worry Less

One life, Love Yourself…Only Then Will You Be Able To Love Others.

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Health in Self, Family and friends. These are the real riches of life. That is where wealth resides. My goal isn't to live forever, but to live to my fullest without self inflicted ailments. Happiness and fulfilment is always about how one feels about themselves. We blame others when WE are responsible for our own happiness. Not only do I want that for myself; I want it for you.

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